Several suspicions surround strange sounds

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Strange sounds have caught the attention of several people and are making headlines all over the world. Some people describe them as trumpets, others called it a long hum or even booms. The mysterious sounds were even captured on national television during a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. So what is everyone hearing? There have been many theories. Earthquakes, electromagnetic activity, solar activity, secret government projects and of course UFOs. Or maybe, the sounds are just an elaborate hoax, which isn't hard to imagine. With today's technology mixing audio with video on YouTube is actually quite easy. But what is raising eyebrows is the number of reports from the public to emergency officials. Some of the personal accounts show conviction of their thoughts including Jeff VanCuren, a Louisville resident who captured similar sounds in town. "I was in bed at the time. I went outside to see where it was coming from. Where it was. It just seemed to be coming from everywhere," said VanCuren. VanCuren said he was lying in bed watching TV with his wife in their Pleasure Ridge Park home when the sounds got so loud they drowned out their program. via News

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