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Shadow Girl

This is one frame of a shadow person of what we call Shadow Girl because it looks like it is wearing a dress. I'm a member of E.C.P Electric City Paranormal in Great Falls Mt. and we have some video of a shadow girl that we caught while investigating a old hospital here in Great Falls that closed years ago.

The still is one frame from the video. we caught this while investigating the old Columbus Hospital here in Great Falls Mt. We was in the chapels getting ready to go upstairs and I was panning the camera and when I review the video I found this. What a feeling I had because video is SO rare to get. If you look and it is quick it follows the light when I pan back to the right. That is not normal. We have tried to debunk this and try doing every way to make the same shadow but with no avail to replicate this. I think this is great. We been a group for 4 years now and we have some good stuff lot of EVPS and disembody voices.

Thank You Rick Moore E.C.P Electric City Paranormal Great Falls Mt.

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