What You Should and Shouldn't Worry About Ebola

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You should be afraid of Ebola—if you live in some parts of West Africa. But here in the United States? Not so much. With the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the country confirmed earlier this week, people are getting nervous. But Ebola is very unlikely to be a problem or cause a major outbreak here. One of the main reasons is that it is not as easily transmitted as other diseases. It does not travel through the air like influenza—to be infected you must come into contact with fluids from an infected person. Even more importantly, until a person is showing signs of being sick—with symptoms like fever and nausea—they are NOT contagious. Still, some are worried about the plane the infected man traveled on before he became symptomatic, and others are worried about coming into contact with his relatives in Dallas who’ve been in the same house as he has, but don’t yet appear to be sick. To help explain why these fears are unnecessary, we’ve taken a closer look at what the virus does in the human body, from transmission to infection to illness and death. Read more via WIRED.

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