Simply Ghost Nights or something more sinister?

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A chilling night on the hunt for spooks at RAF Binbrook

Do you believe in ghosts? Lincolnshire is steeped in paranormal activity, according to the history books, and the perfect place to hunt down spooks. The Telegraph's news editor, Lucy Wood, joins a team of paranormal investigators on an overnight vigil A YELLOW moon shines in the velvet sky, pinpricked with stars, as a strong wind buffets skeletal trees, silhouetted against the sweep of the car's headlights. Beautiful yet unsettling and desolate, Lincolnshire's countryside surrounds us on all sides, and the winding road beyond is engulfed into a distant blackness. A rabbit, startled, dives back onto the verge as we motor by. It's the only sign of life as the night seems to get even darker and, with a shudder, I realise we are completely alone. "What if the car breaks down?" I ask my companion, my good friend Emma. "We'd be stranded. At night. With no one around." "Ha!" she snorts scornfully, gripping onto the wheel as we tackle yet another Wolds bend. "Obviously we'll ring for help." I glance at the glowing mobile phone screen in my hand, and it's entire lack of signal, and gulp. We are going on a ghost hunt in, it is abundantly clear, the middle of nowhere. So, if something mysterious were to happen, who would hear us scream? Suddenly, buildings appear and we rejoice at signs of life (no pun intended). As we arrive at our destination, the headlights scan over a lone figure, standing stock still and upright, his face completely in shadow ... Read More at Grimsby Telegraph.

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