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Simulation Offers Proof the Moon Landing Was Not Fake

Over the years, we here at Gizmodo have provided you many, many examples of scientifically backed evidence to shove in the faces of lunar landing conspiracists. But this one might be the most convincing of all: Engineers used 3D modeling to prove, once and for all, that Buzz Aldrin really moonwalked. Using photographs, video, NASA documents, and maps of the Moon, a team from Nvidia rebuilt the entire lunar landing using the Unreal Engine. After that painstaking work was finished, they used the new GTX 980, sporting Maxwell GPU architecture to address some of the beef that non-believers have with the landing. Namely, the lighting issues. People think it was too well-lit to be real. With a GTX 980 behind the wheel, there was enough graphical horsepower for the simulation to use Voxel-Based Global Illumination, or VXGI—basically, being able to show how the light from the sun would have behaved (even, in this case, without an atmosphere). VXGI breaks down the entire image into 3D pixels which can show how light is bouncing and reflecting off every surface. More via Gizmodo.

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