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Sinister Encounters with Evil Doppelgängers

There is a certain innate spookiness to the idea of an evil version of ourselves, or of someone out there who looks just like us running amok and causing trouble. It is unsettling to know that there may be someone or something wearing our face and going about life, and even more so if they are up to no good. Interestingly, the idea of a duplicitous, supernatural twin version of ourselves has been around for a long time, and far from just scary stories there have been many accounts of people actually encountering alternate versions of themselves who seem to be less than benign. The word that most may think of when they imagine a perfect double of themselves is doppelgänger, which comes from the German word for “Double Walker,” or also “Double Goer,” and although the modern English word is typically used to denote simply someone who looks just like you, the history has long spoken of something more mysterious and darker. There are myths of doppelgängers going back into history from many cultures, with the common lore depicting them as being a spirit, demon, or some other form of supernatural duplicate of a person that are said to be indistinguishable from the host. Although not always malicious, such doubles are nevertheless very often described as being a bad omen or portent of misfortune and death, and it is in many traditions typically not a good sign if you see your own doppelgänger. They are generally described as at least being very naughty or mischievous, if not downright ominous or even evil, often luring the host to danger, trying to trick them or get the into some form of trouble, or just basically freaking them out.

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