Six cases of measles confirmed in Tennessee outbreak.

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Public Health officials in Shelby County, Tennessee today confirmed six cases of measles in the county, up from two last Friday. Victims of the measles outbreak are "widely diverse" in terms of age, gender and where they live, authorities said. In case you haven't had measles and don't know from your own experience, getting "the measles" makes you super super sick with a high fever, an intolerance to light, muscle aches, symptoms that are like cold or flu, and your skin peels. That's if your one of the lucky ones who don't go on to develop life-threatening complications or secondary infections. Malnourished or immune-compromised individuals are at greatest risk of death from measles and related health problems. Back in 2000, measles was considered to be a disease that had been entirely eradicated in the United States. Thanks to Christian extremism, science denialism, and pop culture anti-vaccine bullshit, it is back, harming children and adults. Thanks, anti-vaxxers! Herd immunity is a thing, and your decision not to vaccinate your kid is part of the thinking that led to this Tennessee outbreak. Read More: Boing Boing

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