Skeleton of a Winged Entity

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Hello Art, my name is Rakia. I'm from Galveston Tx, a small island on the Gulf of Mexico.

This picture is of my grand-mother (my mom's mom) and my eldest uncle( her oldest son. In this picture, to the left behind my uncle, you can see something that stands at least 7 ft tall. It looks like a skeleton of a winged entity. At the bottom of that stands a small child peeking out to the side.

Many other people have seen different faces in this very picture. I can say this, although I'm a child of GOD, my grandmother practiced voodoo or witchcraft when she was living. I can recall finding ritual dolls under her bed with stick pins inside of the dolls. She would have conversations with people who I couldn't see and I would even hear other voices when she would be alone talking behind closed doors supposedly by herself. Sometimes, I would be so afraid, I would make myself fall asleep when she would babysit me only to wake with nosebleeds. I would beg my mother to not go to work and leave me with my grandmother.

My mom was a RN at a local Nursing home and had to let my grandmother watch me while she worked. Although my grandmother never physically harmed me, I sensed something was spiritually wrong. She would tell me bedtime stories in rhymes and always say, "When I die, close the windows, cause the hounds of Hell will come for my soul". She ended up dying of breast cancer and lung cancer. I had fell asleep on the couch when she died.

While I was sleep, I dreamed of her sitting up on her hospice bed, chocking, and laying down to take her last breath. Afterwards, I seen my oldest sister waking me up to tell me my grandmother had died. When I woke, it was my sister who had awaken me to tell me my grandmother had died.

Afterwards, another set of strange events happened that had happened all through the week of her death including the windows shaking and the wind howling. Anyways, Yes, we had to close the windows, and yes, I think that the entities in this picture communicated with my grandmother. What do you think?

P.S. If you look at my uncle's hand on my grandmother's shoulder, there are six digits instead of the five he normally has.

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