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Skier reported missing, turns up 3,000 miles away, dazed and confused

A MAN who was thought to be missing from a ski resort has turned up almost 3,000 miles from the mountain range, sparking teleportation claims among conspiracy theorists. Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, 49, from Toronto, was reported missing last Wednesday by friends who could not locate the man at the New York resort. The married dad-of-two was enjoying a trip with a group of fellow firefighters when they lost track of him as Whiteface Mountain range was closing. His belongings – including his identification documents – were discovered in his lodge, along with his car in the parking lot. A widespread search mission saw hundreds of volunteers spend almost 7,000 hours scaling steep and icy terrain. Rescue dogs and helicopters were also dispatched in a last-ditch attempt, as friends and family feared the worst. Then remarkably, yesterday, he turned up in California – roughly 2,824 miles from the skiing destination. Danny was discovered after making a call to his wife, who urged him to seek help from the police. He was left dazed and confused but is thought to be in good health.

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