Sky Snakes: The Terror in the Air

Posted by K R on

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a terror in our skies that can no longer be ignored. I am, of course, talking about the sky snake. People have reportedly witnessed these bizarre, snake-like UFOs throughout the entire world. They’re not to be confused with typical flying snakes, though, which actually form “UFO-like” shapes to glide through the air. Instead, sky snakes have allegedly been seen hovering thousands of feet in the sky. Some claim they’re extraterrestrial in origin. Videos on the Internet (like the one above) would also seem to provide evidence of their existence. In fact, last year, UFO hunters discovered something resembling a sky snake in an image taken during space shuttle Discovery’s STS105 mission. You can view the original unaltered image yourself, but here’s the alleged snake-like UFO, which seems to be hanging out somewhere in low Earth orbit: Read and See more at Stranger Dimensions.

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