Slender Man spotted in UK

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Cannock Chase is now said to be home to the ghostly Slender Man. The latest 8ft spectre joins other notorious ghosts of the area which include the Black Eyed Child and the Pig-Man which are also said to roam the forest full of paranormal activity. Several terrified residents of Cannock Chase claim they have seen the long, stick-thin ghost over the last month. Witness accounts from locals describe him as a "lean, shadowy spirit" with "blood red eyes" wearing Victorian dress, and he has been seen in the forest as well as their homes. Slender man is known around the world in global folklore, and now X Files investigator Lee Brickleyis trying to find out why the child-snatching Slender Man has come to Staffordshire. Lee, 28, said: “To get so many sightings at roughly the same time is unusual. “One theory is that this has nothing to do with the supernatural and eye-witnesses are experiencing sleep paralysis, where individuals’ eyes are open but they are still in a state of sleep, and therefore unable to move. “There are reports of Slender Men seemingly pinning victims down, as if sitting on their chest. That could well be down to sleep paralysis.” Dressed in a black suit with a white silhouetted face, the floating figure is tree-tall, has several long-stretching limbs, and is said to lurk in forests where he abducts children. More via Stoke Sentinel.

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