Shmily Aliens

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Hi Art! Roswell's to you!! Hope it's not to late to post this entry. At least once a day I send my husband a text or photo with "SHMILY" typed on it. Earlier today I took this one, but it wasn't until later My 13 year old daughter and I noticed the reflection of two aliens in my eyeball. STRANGE! The photo app I used instaframe and has no edits other than frame, text and picture filter effects. Now I am a little freaked out to say the least. Best Regards! Kat Original: instaframe-orig Update: I'm sorry my photo has caused people to think I "photoshopped" my picture. Maybe I should have sent the original photo before I used the 'InstaFrame' app for the contest... but, the photo I entered was the one that you could best see the alien faces in. I am 43 years old and don't go around photoshopping aliens into my pictures. I'm not sure how this happened, could be the way the light was reflecting and coincidentally cast the images of the Aliens. Either way, I thought it was pretty unusual and decided to share the picture with everyone. I didn't enter it expecting to win because there are so many great ghost photos in the contest. Was even surprised that it got posted. Again, sorry for causing people to discredit your photo screening in the contest. I love the new show and will forever remain a faithful fan and listener. ........and one last note, "SHMILY" stands for "See How Much I Love You". Something my husband and I say to one another. Best Regards! Kat

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