Snopes Gets Into UFO Debunking? 

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Unidentified Flying Object Disappears Into 'Portal' Above Colorado? On 17 April 2017, a video was posted to the Facebook page “I’m From Denver”, showing what appears to be an unidentified flying object. The video, which came with a claim that it was spotted over southern Colorado, was shared more millions of times: Because the page doesn’t say exactly where in southern Colorado the video was allegedly filmed, we can’t check with local authorities to verify whether residents actually saw something that looked extraterrestrial in the night sky and caused alarm. However because the video shows something rather outlandish happening, one would expect it to have been covered by the local news media — and there are no reports in Colorado matching the description of such a sighting (although the southern Colorado region known as San Luis Valley is an apparent hotspot for UFO sightings). This video, in fact, didn’t originate in Colorado, but was initially reported in March 2017 with people claiming they had seen it somewhere over Sonora, a Mexican state that touches the United States border: Humans have no known contact with extraterrestrials; however, we aren’t sure whether the video was computer generated or the result of a light trick. There are tabloid media reports out of Mexico that claim residents saw the object and were frightened by it, but they don’t quote any sources. Meanwhile the use of drones using LEDs to create light shows (or troll the credulous) is a well-known pastime.

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