So how did this #FREEARTBELL campaign begin?

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As far as I can tell, the first indication of the #FREEARTBELL campaign that has hit social media with tremendous force over the past 24 hours, began as an idea planted in the minds of a few Art Bell fan forum members (Bell Gab forum) after a forum user by the screen name of PathoJen attempted to post the above graphic from her facebook account onto the forum page. With the assistance of another forum member, the graphic made it's way onto the page. This was a catalysis for what was to come. WHY THE CAMPAIGN? Long time radio talk show host Art Bell began a new show on SIRIUS satellite radio named DARK MATTER on September 16 of this year. Citing problems with streaming capabilities and a diminished caller base, Bell left the show after attempting to negotiate with Sirius, according to Bell's own posts on the fan forum, his website, and audio interviews. Bell wanted Sirius to provide free streaming to listeners until suspected alleged problems with SIRIUS streaming could be fixed. As an alternative, Bell offered to become an independent broadcaster with Sirius, with the understanding that he could stream his show on his own website, at the same time it was being broadcast over the satellite. According to Bell, Sirius did not agree to these requests, so he left Sirius and the show. WHAT CAME NEXT? So, this is where the campaign idea comes to play, and why Art Bell fans decided to flood the Sirius facebook page, the twitter social media website, and a number of other on-line activities with the #FREEARTBELL tags and associated messages. These fans wanted Art Bell to be allowed back on air, so to speak, allowed to stream a show from his website as he proposed to do. But there was a catch; according to Bell he had signed a Non Compete (NC) contract with Sirius, one that would not allow him to broadcast a show of any kind for 2 years. MOMENTUM GAINED. The goal of the #FREEARTBELL campaign according to fans, to allow Bell to be released from the Sirius NC contract so he could continue with a streamed internet show. Fans of the forum have since posted hundreds of messages on the Sirius social media site, as well as messages and videos on other social media sites throughout the internet. Not stopping there messages on the fan forum have also coached users on methods to make additional contact with Sirius employees using telephone and e-mail methods. THE FUTURE? With the momentum and direction this campaign has taken so far, the next few days should be interesting ones. Stay tuned. Read Updates from SARAH BRESTLIN at

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