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Soldier's ghost caught in camera? A Critical Analysis

Email received with photograph, July 8th 2014:
Last Friday evening, we were at the 4th of July fireworks on Fort Stewart, GA. We sat in a parking lot with just a few other people, only a few hundred feet away from Warrior's Walk, which is a place around the parade field that has hundreds of trees, each planted for a fallen soldier. I was snapping pics of my grand daughter playing and running with the 2 young boys of the man in the light blue shirt. The pics came out a little blurry because the kids were running and it was dusk, but when I went through to delete them, I came upon this shot! My daughter-in-law was right next to me watching me delete the shots and saw the figure the same time I did. I cropped it down and immediately shared it with the gentleman in light blue and the few other people with us in the parking lot. There was NO ONE walking past or standing there when I took the shot... How can I find out if this is truly a spirit I captured?
Next email below, replying to questions: (1) were you outside when taking the photo? (not inside looking through glass - there may have been a reflection, and (2) do you have any other photos taken before and after the one you sent?
To answer your question, yes, I was outside. I was sitting in a chair just like the man in the blue shirt, getting ready to watch the fireworks. All of us sat in a parking lot across the street from the gym. Unfortunately, I had already deleted the other pictures I took before this one - but I honestly believe "he" was not in those. I am confident that I would have noticed before deleting. I am sending you the one I took AFTER I took this shot however. I took that to see if something would show up again, but as you can see, nothing.
Our answer: "Well, there is definitely a figure of some description in your photo. It's not a photographic anomaly of any kind, and it's not some other object (a tree, or whatever) that has the shape of a human. Most of the photos we receive are either some kind of photographic fault (dust orbs, camera movement, lens flare, etc) or a random pattern that looks like a face or figure (pareidolia, simulacrum). Your photo fits neither category." "The lack of detail in the figure is probably caused by to the low light level (under-exposure, due to back-lighting) combined with the long-ish shutter speed (not given in the photo file's Exif data, but I would estimate to be in the range of 1/4 to 1/15 of a second) and jpeg file compression applied by the phone-camera." "The question is then: is this an image of an actual, living human being, or is it a ghost of some kind?" Further analysis via Paranormal Investigators.

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