Thu Sep 13 - Sonja Grace - Animal Magic

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Drawing on both her Native American (Hopi) heritage and her Norwegian upbringing, renowned mystic and intuitive healer Sonja Grace shares original wisdom tales, received through her heart and soul, to take you on a journey into the magic of Raven and Bear and the healing power of Earth Medicine. BIO: Author Sonja Grace is a mystic, healer and energy surgeon who defies time and space working long distance, over the phone, providing healing, counseling and spiritual processing. Through her energy medicine, etheric clearing, structural and cellular healing work, Sonja helps clients to transform their energy, chakras, auric field, as well as the physical body in all systems. She has a wide variety of talents including her extensive work with animals bring both clients and pet to the forefront. She communicates with them for clarity and understanding for the owner and veterinarian. She has worked with a wide variety of pets both here and the spirit realm. She offers meditation retreats, workshops and training. Sonja and her husband currently live in Portland Oregon. TWITTER: @sonjagraceguide

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