Space Alien Worked for US Government? Look Back at Curious Story of Phil Schneider

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Some call him a UFO whistleblower; others scorn him. Whichever the case, Phil Schneider aroused controversy with his claims about aliens, in particular with what he said about someone called Valiant Thor. Valiant Thor looks human, but he has some key physiological differences and it’s claimed he’s from Venus. He allegedly worked for the U.S. government for some time in the 1950s. At least this is the story told by Schneider, a geologist and engineer who said he had level-1 security clearance in secret government projects. He helped build underground military bases and worked at the famed Area 51 base. There are few people from the military who have talked about aliens as explicitly as Schneider. All have been met with ridicule. But there are also many who believe Schneider after watching his videos, such as Veterans Today senior editor Gordon Duff who calls him a ”UFO whistleblower.” Read more at The Epoch Times.

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