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Spider Attack! Art's OK

Photos and comments via Art's Facebook page: Art: It's been a rough Week, Saturday this Spider dropped on the back of my neck and bit me in three places before I squished him. Fire Dept came and looked at me. Still here. Art: Fire Dept medics were not sure, they wanted to take me to the Hospital but I told them I would rather Die at home. He was pretty big because my hand was covered in spider juice after I swatted my neck. Art: I have three little holes in the back of my neck, strange but I feel like climbing a high rise, can't shake it. Art: They were medics from the Fire Dept. As for it being a Premiere spider, I doubt that but if I was Dead as a result I am thinking no flowers. Art: What kind? They were not sure but it was big and hairy. Art: I still have it, they said put it in a bottle with a piece of bread so if I dropped suddenly I could transport it to the Hospital along with my twitching body. Art: The bread they said keeps it fresh....yuk Art: It does bother me a bit that this thread has so many likes, creepy Art: Well this is the Web, right? Art: Oh, trust me it WAS a spider till I slapped it hard, my whole hand was covered with spider juice as well as my neck Art: Well the back of the neck is close to the brain so I figured if it was poison it would be over quickly, so I refused transport but they made a long report. Art: It was very red but is better now, Airyn has a picture of the back of my neck Art: Ok I just posted a picture of the back of my neck, it might have crawled on me but it sure felt like it fell on me, either way.... See all the comments on the pictures at Art's Facebook Page. Here's the Second Post.

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