Spider Silk Inspires Creation of ‘Liquid Wire’

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Scientists have discovered a previously unknown property of spider silk, and used it to create a remarkable new “hybrid” material. The new bio-inspired thread, which acts like both a solid and a liquid, could lead to a host of new materials and technologies.

Spider silk is one of the most extraordinary materials found in nature, featuring tensile strengths comparable to steel, and elasticity commensurate with rubber (at least on a weight-to-weight basis). Together, these two properties make it two to three times tougher that some of the strongest synthetic materials, including Kevlar and nylon. What’s more, spider silk is sticky (to catch unsuspecting prey), antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. So scientists and engineers would like to understand as much about it as possible to develop similarly robust synthetic materials. Read More: Gizmodo

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