Does Spontaneous Human Combustion exist? Expert reveals medical theories behind tragic mystery deaths

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IT'S the stuff of nightmares: the idea that anyone could burst into flames at any time - for no clear reason whatsoever. Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) has been explored in fiction and discussed occasionally in the news, but is it really possible for a person to just catch fire unexpectedly? Police are currently looking into claims that 70-year old John Nolan may have spontaneously combusted during a quiet afternoon walk. But the science behind the phenomenon is patchy, with some arguing that SHC drifts more into the realm of the paranormal than the world of science. Joe Nickell, of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, has dedicated his investigative career to finding the truth around SHC. His magazine argues that the phenomenon may just be fiction, since nobody has ever directly witnessed a death due to SHC. Read More: The Sun

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