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Spooked by 'haunted' hotel, Air India crew asks airline to change accommodation

A letter, accessed by news agency ANI and purportedly written by an Air India crew member, complains about paranormal activities at a Chicago hotel and asks the airline to look into the matter immediately. The high-flying lifestyle of working for an airline always seems glamorous. However, the experiences of an Air India crew assigned to fly to Chicago in the US will probably make those considering a career in the airline industry think twice. The crew, which was put up at a hotel in Chicago, has had to deal with "negative energies" while in their rooms, according to a report by news agency ANI. So spooked has the crew been after facing "paranormal activities" at the hotel that they have written to Air India management, asking the national carrier to take immediate action. The crew's deputy chief of cabin has written a letter, accessed by news agency ANI, complaining that the nerve-wrecking experience at the Chicago hotel has left most of the crew members "scared (of) sleeping alone". The spooky goings-on at the Chicago hotel keep "playing in our mind (sic)", the deputy chief writes in the letter and as a result of this, the crew is unable to get proper rest after operation ultra-long haul flights. The letter goes on to question the Air India management's decision to sign a contract with the hotel despite there being several online accounts of the paranormal activities at the hotel. Read More: Yahoo News

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