Stanley Romanek court case gaining more attention as Netflix subscribers view his story

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Romanek is a self-described UFO expert and alien abductee facing child pornography allegations; jury selection begins Monday. Public interest in a criminal court case against Loveland resident Stanley Romanek has grown since a film documenting his purported paranormal experiences and sightings of unidentified flying objects became available to watch on Netflix earlier this month. Romanek, 53, is facing felony allegations of possessing and distributing child pornography, charges stemming from a Loveland Police Department arrest made in 2014 after a tip from the Department of Homeland Security alerted local detectives to suspicious files allegedly stored on Romanek's home IP address. An eight-day jury trial is set to begin at the end of this month, with the first day of jury selection scheduled for July 31. The case initially drew attention due to Romanek's status within the UFO community, which his former defense attorney Kathryn Hay once argued made Romanek a target for someone to frame by transferring illicit images or videos onto his hard drive. The defendant had controversially claimed to experience numerous UFO sightings through the 2000s, and has written several books on the subject and been featured in documentary films depicting his supposed paranormal events.

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