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Stanton Friedman Debunks the Debunker

Every so often I run across a splendid example of the intellectual bankruptcy of the pseudoscience of Anti-Ufology. This book is such an example with Paris obeying the 4 basic rules of debunkdom: A). Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind’s made up. B). What the public doesn’t know, I won’t tell them. C). If one can’t attack the data, attack the people D). Do ones research by proclamation, investigation is too much trouble. I was not surprised. Last year Paris used these techniques to throw out the story of the recovery of a crashed saucer in the Plains of San Agustin, NM, in July, 1947, at about the same time as the Roswell incident. Paris used 2 neat tricks: 1). Throw out any data connected with Barney Barnett, since after all no investigator talked to him. Obviously they couldn’t, since Barney died well before I got the investigation going after talking to Verne and Jean Maltais in Bemidji, Minnesota. We did talk to his wife, his boss, his neighbor, his niece, and Colonel William Leed and others, and wrote about them in such books as my "Crash at Corona."Leed had been given Barney’s name by his commanding officer as somebody who knew about saucers and talked to Barney on a Western trip. Barney only spoke to him after he showed credentials. Bill contacted me after hearing me on a Toronto radio station. 2). The second neat trick was to invoke time travel. An airplane, that had crashed in the area 3 years earlier, must have been the basis for the story. One is reminded of the time travel conjured up by the USAF to provide crash test dummies to explain stories of bodies at Corona—even though none were dropped until 6 years later; were 6’ tall, weighed 175 pounds, and were dressed in flight gear!! Paris clearly has an agenda to do everything possible to prove that there is no way that aliens from outside our solar system could possibly get here. It would be too far, take too long, take too much time, take too much food; humans couldn’t handle the stresses, etc., ad nauseam. Paris does apparently have a background in military intelligence. As a space scientist, I have worked on fission and fusion rockets , compact nuclear reactors for space applications, the Pioneer spacecraft, etc and still belong to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American Physical Society, and the American Nuclear Society. The book has a surface gloss of being scientific as Paris provides 156 References. Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention most of the work indicating the feasibility of interstellar travel or the reality of alien visitors. No mention of physical trace cases, multiple witness radar visual cases, appropriate technology, for us no less aliens, if we wanted to spend the money. There is no mention of my Chapter, “You Can Get Here From There” in my 2007 book “Flying Saucers and Science"nor my article “Star Travel: How Realistic is It?” in the 2011 volume “UFOs and Aliens”. He obviously is aware of me having sent me the book. For reasons unknown, other than to provide propaganda, he frequently invokes “Intergalactic” visitors. Why? The Milky Way Galaxy has more than 100 Billion stars and is about 100,000 light years across. There are more than 2000 stars within a mere 55 light years of the sun. Andromeda is 2.5 million light years away with smaller galaxies “only” hundreds of thousand light years away. He stresses that the universe is 13 Billion years old. This is totally irrelevant to the question of visitors from nearby places like Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli which are only 39.3 light years away. Last year he dismissed the crash in the Plains of San Agustin. Read the rest at The UFO Chronicles.

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