Star Trek star Shatner says he is certain alien life exists

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As captain of the USS Enterprise, he had daily contact with extra-terrestrial beings. And Star Trek actor William Shatner has revealed he believes in the existence of aliens in real life too… just not as we know it. The 82-year-old, who played Captain James Kirk in the hit sci-fi series and films, claims it is a mathematical certainty that there are living creatures on other planets because the universe is so vast. He told the Daily Mail: ‘I don’t think there is any doubt there is life in the universe, yes. I don’t think there is any question. The mathematics involved – what have they just discovered, 730,000 new planets the other day? - mathematically it has to be. ‘You can see life on this planet, so if you had anything approaching the conditions of water and temperature, the possibilities of life happening are certain. ’One of the best-known catchphrases from Star Trek is Spock’s reply to Kirk on spotting a new alien being: ‘It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it’. In fact, despite being wrongly attributed to the Sixties TV series, the phrase comes from a 1987 song Star Trekkin, sung by The Firm. Mr Shatner said he is just as uncertain about what form alien life will take in real life. Read More at Mail Online.

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