Thu Feb 13 - Dr. Stephen Aizenstat - The Realm of Dreams

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Dr. Stephen Aizenstat will show us how to access the power of your dreams to transform nightmare figures into profound and helpful mentors; bring fresh warmth and intimacy into your relationships; overcome obsessions, compulsions, and addictions; engage healing forces of your dreams through imaginary "medicines"; re-imagine your career and cope with difficulties | | Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., is the Chancellor and Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is a professor of depth psychology with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, licensed marriage and family therapist, and a credentialed public schools teacher and counselor. Dr. Aizenstat lectures and consults internationally, particularly with global corporations, and is affiliated with the Earth Charter International project through the United Nations. Dr. Aizenstat’s book, Dream Tending, describes applications of dreamwork in relation to health and healing, nightmares, the World’s Dream, relationships, and the creative process. Dr. Aizenstat’s methodologies extend traditional dream work to the vision of an animated world, where living images in dream are experienced as embodied and originating in the psyche of Nature as well as that of persons.

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