Steven Greer announces possible leak of sensitive docs; critics skeptical

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Dr. Steven Greer announced yesterday he received photos of alleged classified government documents related to Project Aquarius, a purported operation involving the retrieval of crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft and occupants. Greer stated the photos were received May 21. He tweeted yesterday they were "received in mail". Greer reported the photos were sent by a person with contacts in what he described as covert aerospace and military projects related to UFOs. The person is a credible and reliable source, Greer added. Photos of the documents posted by Greer suggested they involved briefing the Majestic 12, an alleged deeply classified group of elite intelligence officials dubbed MJ-12. Stories of the unconfirmed group and its purported activities have long circulated throughout the UFO community. The tales were fueled by documents published long ago and obtained under questionable circumstances. Researchers such as Dr. Michael Heiser are highly skeptical of stories involving the MJ-12. Heiser facilitated linguistic forensic testing of some of the original alleged MJ-12 documents and found it very likely they were hoaxed. More via

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