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Tue Feb 12 - Steven Vedro - Digital Dharma

Steve Vedro has mapped the idea of “collective consciousness” to the internet, in his new book, Digital Dharma. He will compare the seven chakras to the different aspects of how we connect to the internet. If we’re not careful, our addictions to our smartphones may be clouding our third eye’s vision. Steve Vedro also explains how deep-mind processes, such as Artificial Intelligence and massive cloud-databases will shepherd us into the next stage of consciousness. Will you get lost in the matrix or ascend to Gaia’s “Whole Field Awareness”? srvedro.com BIO: Steven Vedro’s “day-time career” was as a technology project manager for government agencies, education, public television stations, and the US Corporation for Public Broadcasting. His spiritual and personal transformation work includes more than thirty years of energy healing study and practice. He is a graduate of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process, the Inner Focus School of Soul-Directed Healing, and the Possibilities DNA Vocational Program. He is a Ritual Elder in the Mankind Project, an international men’s organization that conducts initiatory weekends in a dozen countries, and he staff’s men’s healing circles in three Wisconsin prisons. He is a student in the Ruhaniat Sufi Order, and a Leader-in-Training for the Dances of Universal Peace. Steven is the author of Digital Dharma and numerous articles on intersection of technology, mysticism and spirituality, and has spoken at national conferences on technology and consciousness. He is currently developing an Instagram app to allow users to send loving-kindness thoughts to randomly-selected community members.

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