Still hope for Art's return, options!

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Latest Facebook posts from Art, giving us a little hope that he'll be back in some form. Post #1 We could do a subscriber only show for $4.99 as well but that is not what I promised. I promised a free stream. Keith is right I guess, I am emotional and this crap really came out of left field. As I have written in other posts I am very attached to that music that I collected with love over many Years and it is part of the energy of the show for me as well as many who became fans over the long history of the show. Yes, I could go back to commercial radio but my dream is and always was good content without endless commercials, so no thanks.
The reason it came out of left field is because we were concerned with what we thought was the big stuff, my health, getting a live stream, setting up a studio but playing a few parts of music every hour? That was just not first on the list, nor should it have been in a logical World. People have said I am looking at all this like a Talk Show Host, it's the only way I know how to look at it! Post #2 I have the start of what might be an idea, it might not work and it might be a BAD idea. I wonder if (2) feeds could be created, one that had music and one that had everything but music. I am a RF guy not audio but with some kind of mix-minus trick it might be possible. IF possible send the free feed with no music, just pregnant pauses and feed the full feed to the paid side. Sounds complicated and may not be possible. Just thinking. Post #3 BIG NEWS This will really improve my Weekend and I hope yours! We are now in talks with a Big player in the Industry who would be willing to provide both a FREE stream of my show (with my music) as well as a paid model starting in July. Not a done deal yet because the horned guy is usually in the details but there is great hope. More next Week.

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