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Stonehenge 'constructed by cowboy builders'

Professor Ronard Hutton, an expert in paganism at Bristol University, told the Daily Mail that the monument was a “unique and possibly failed experiment” and “as much a triumph as a disaster”. Speaking during the Chalke Valley History Festival, he said that while the building of a stone circle in Wiltshire was successful because “the darned thing’s still there” there had been “some bad times along the way” with those who built the monument making some rookie mistakes. “When they put up one of those great sandstone blocks in the outer circle, it slipped when it was being put in its hole, fell over and broke in half. “If you were a decent bunch of builders what you’d do then is, after a great deal of screaming and complaining, chuck the two broken bits away and bring another one intact and do it properly. “They didn’t." More via The Independent.

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