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Stunning Depictions of Ancient Comets That Scared the Hell Out of Humans

Long-tailed stars and mysterious glowing fireballs from the heavens were among the biggest and most fearful mysteries for stargazing humans throughout history. With the development of astronomy science, comets, meteors, meteorites and shooting stars became familiar objects of our universe, and with the advent of photography, depicting them became more precise. But before that, talented artists created amazing drawings and paintings of these mysterious rocks. The holes in their scientific knowledge were often filled with imagination and superstition, leaving a fascinating pictorial legacy for us to look at today. Some of these centuries-old images were recently published by the Public Domain Review in a collection called "Flowers of the Sky." It's a stunning glimpse into at a time when comets and meteors delighted and terrified sky-watching humans. Enjoy. See them all via Gizmodo.

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