How to support clean energy, without going solar

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The cost of renewable energy has been dropping precipitously in recent years. Yet, for many of us, installing solar on our own rooftop remains a stretch—either because the capital needed is not available, the rooftop is too shaded, or we simply don't own our own home. Fortunately, however, you don't have to install solar to support solar. Or wind. Or tidal power for that matter. Below are some ideas for moving the low carbon economy forward. Given the popularity of clean energy with the general public, these less capital intensive options could become a major leverage point for advancing our cause. Invest in green energy Access to capital is one of the biggest challenges for relatively new industries like solar or wind, especially when they are facing the financial might of the fossil fuel incumbents. Investing directly in renewable energy industries is a great way to level the playing field. From green-minded banks who invest in clean energy to crowdfunding platforms like Mosaic, there are a growing number of options for would-be investors. And because every dollar you put into solar or wind is a dollar not put into traditional financial institutions, you'll also be bolstering the fossil fuel divestment movement too. More ideas via TreeHugger.

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