Survey Finds People Who Believe in God Less Likely to Believe in Extraterrestrials

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A new survey shows that atheists and agnostics are 76 percent more likely than Christians to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Overall 37 percent of those surveyed were willing to say they believed in the existence of extraterrestrial life, only 21 percent said they did not believe. However, most people 42 percent were reticent to commit either way, saying they just arent sure. The survey was conducted by Survata, a market research company. The results were shared on a blog posting on Survatas website, and it points out that throughout history scientific discovery has often been at odds with religious doctrine. In modern times, NASA seems to be getting closer to the discovery of extraterrestrial life with programs such as the Mars rover and Kepler telescope. The likelihood of extraterrestrial life is rising with each new discovery. Some feel that if the discovery of life is just around the corner, this may be an issue for religious dogma. Read Full Article via Alejandro Rojas.

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