Mon Dec 2 (Hour 2-3) Susan Reintjes - Coma-munications

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Susan Reintjes travels regularly to the border of life and death to communicate with coma patients as well as those that have passed over. She will discuss her observations and methods of reaching the liminal crossing point. Susan will also share how she delved deeply into her psyche to communicate with Dr. Eben Alexander in his comatose state. Susan Reintjes is the psychic featured in the bestselling book Proof Of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD. She was commissioned by Oprah Winfrey as a psychic consultant and has helped thousands of clients clear illnesses, discover psychic abilities, resolve relationship dilemmas and discover psychic and creative potential. Susan has been a practicing psychic medium, Jungian psychotherapist, two-time author and advanced yoga teacher for over 30 years. Susan utilizes dream analysis to encourage clients to interpret their unique dream voice to receive life-changing messages from the unconscious. She has advanced training in mediumship and past life regression and has led paranormal investigations.

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