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Suspicious activity inside High School brings out paranormal investigators

By Christopher Oswalt Recent bizarre footage from inside Pocatello High School is giving many the heebie jeebies and bringing out paranormal activities. It was all caught on the school’s security cameras. The footage taken on December 19, shows a dark, shadow like figure of an adult up against the drinking fountain before it walks over to the bathroom, walks back out and down the hallway. "Just lots of lights flashing and noises that don't make any sense and when you go into where the noise, then there is nobody there anymore,” Lisa Brian, a paranormal investigator said. Lisa and her husband, John, have been investigating the school for years. They watched the raw security video. They call the mysterious figure roaming the hall suspicious. "The lights going on and off, having the police called because of issues going on in the building, all of that goes to show it wasn't something somebody put on there, it's something that actually happened," Lisa said. Pocatello High School students say they have also caught some suspicious shadows on camera. Some have even felt someone walking right behind them and when they turn around, no one is there. via www.kivitv.com.

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