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Fri May 10th (Hour 1-2) - Suzanne Chancellor - Contact Experience

Suzanne Chancellor will share her experiences and thoughts on how the contact experience is evolving. She will also discuss her work with Starborn Support, and her thoughts on disclosure. abducteeawareness.blogspot.com randomalienbraindroppings.podbean.com TWITTER: @Chancel1Suzanne Suzanne Chancellor is a lifelong abductee and experiencer. Taking her story to the airwaves, she began hosting her podcast “Random Alien Brain Droppings”, also the title of her blog, where she interviews other experiencers, authors and researchers on the subject of UFOs, abductions and all other high strangeness that seems to surround the phenomenon. She is in the process of writing two books, one about her personal journey, and the other about synchronicity and how it has affected her life and meeting her “cosmic twin”.

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