Is Tech Really Helping Us Improve Our Health?

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We are seeing boundless leaps in what technology can do for us in every aspect of our lives now. Not just in terms of robotic cars, as well as the infinite amounts of ways that technology is improving communication, of one aspect of our lives that technology is really having an impact is our health. And, for those people who are bemoaning the impact of technology on our health, in the ways that smartphones are interrupting our melatonin signals, there are many other ways that tech is improving our relationship with a whole manner of things relating to our health. From creating animal friendly meat to the flavoring processes that have populated the fast food industry, to the more obvious ones such as genetic modifications, meaning that food can go further and is healthier for the planet. But what have we seen in terms of tech that will benefit us, as people, on a daily basis? The Motivation Factor When we think of health, we think of exercise. And yes, while technology has had a major impact on the fact that we tend to sit down more to use it nowadays, there is a lot of tech that is pushing us in the right direction. From the primitive pedometers, all the way through to the almighty Fitbit, but there are also apps that aren’t just helping us to track our progress in terms of losing weight, but they are handy little lexicons of exercises that fit in your back pocket. In fact, a typical app isn’t just a database of your best run times, but they can provide hints and tips, moves and methods to help you break that next plateau. Even an app like Google Now introduced a fitness tracking feature, and while lots of these apps aren’t particularly sophisticated, these apps all have one thing in common. The motivation factor is all about breaking your next record, by seeing what you’ve done as far as steps, miles, and so forth is concerned. Read More: The Future of Things

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