We have the technology to find alien broadcasts carried by lasers

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When it comes to physically exploring deep space, pretty much the slowest thing you could ever really do is send a towering hunk of metal weighing about a hundred tonnes into the sky above, thanks to a burning mass of rocket fuel – and yet, that's effectively where today's crewed space travel is at. But one of the most mind-boggling proposals we've seen to get around these kinds of limitations is the prospect of sending postage stamp-sized spacecraft into space at extremely high speeds via laser propulsion. And now, one of the researchers behind that project says the same photonics technology could not only transform space exploration as we know it – it could also overhaul the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. The idea is that advanced life forms – if they're actually out there and want to be found – could be using the exact same kind of 'directed energy' systems to be broadcasting their presence to us. Read More: ScienceAlert

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