Teenager captures the ghost of Michael Jackson on camera

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A teenager was taking photographs of a Michael Jackson impersonator and after he reviewed the images, he noticed a strange figure in one of the photos. The eerie figure is believed to be the ghost of the king of pop, Local London reported yesterday. Reece Saava recently snapped a photo of a Michael Jackson impersonator while visiting Bromley's Churchill Theatre on May 10. After reviewing the images with a friend, the 14-year-old noticed something strange in one of the photos. "My friend was like: 'what is that in the corner, were there balloons?' When I looked at it I was genuinely quite shocked, it was very distinct, not like other photos of you see of that sort of thing. I cannot say I believe in ghosts but it is very spooky," Saava said. In the photo, a figure can be seen peering over the Michael Jackson impersonator. Saava's mother Angela thinks that the figure has a striking resemblance to the king of pop. via Examiner.com.

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