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Fri Nov 16 - Teodora Hadjiyska - The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Evidence Revealed!

Teodora Hadjiyska joins us to discuss the Dyatlov Pass Incident. On February 2, 1959 a group of nine hikers were killed in the Russian wilderness under very bizarre circumstances. Almost sixty years later the mystery surrounding their deaths has never been solved. dyatlovpass.com forum.dyatlovpass.com BIO: Teodora Hadjiyska was born in Bulgaria, and grew up in Cuba. She has a masters degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering and ran a web design business during the dot com bubble. Teodora currently lives in Austria with her husband and they spend most of their time as travelers, discovering the world.


Dyatlov Pass Hikers 1959: Original pictures taken from Krivonischenko's camera.

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