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Terrifying tiger attack: Horror pics show big cat mauling zookeeper

The zookeeper at the Kaliningrad Zoo had brought food for the animal when it pounced on her Sunday, The Sun reports. Photos show the tiger, a 16-year-old male named Taifun, or Typhoon, on top of the bloodied woman, as she screams in terror. Quick-thinking onlookers helped the zookeeper escape the tiger’s clutches. In a statement, the zoo explained that bystanders were able to distract the animal by shouting, and by throwing stones and even benches and tables from a nearby café. This enabled the zookeeper to hide in an “inner room,” according to a translation of the zoo’s statement. The zookeeper was then rushed to hospital. “The patient was delivered to the hospital with multiple wounds to the body and limbs,” said a local health ministry spokesman, according to the Sun.

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