Tues Jan 28 - Terry Lovelace - Terrifying Encounter at Devils Den

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Terry Lovelace, a former Assistant Attorney General will recount his terrifying true story of his experience at ‘The Devil’s Den’ in Arkansas. You will learn the story doesn't end there, you will not believe what has happened as recent as a few months ago... terrylovelace.com facebook.com/incidentatdevilsden Terry Lovelace is a six-year veteran of the USAF. He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Park University in 1979. He later earned a Juris Doctor at Western University of Michigan Law School. He passed the Michigan Bar Examination on his first attempt. Terry Lovelace’s legal career began in private practice where he handled a variety of civil litigation and criminal defense cases. He entered public service as an Assistant Attorney General and later as General Counsel for LBJ Tropical Medical Center in the US Territory of American Samoa. Elected by his peers, Terry Lovelace served a one-year term as President of the American Samoa Bar Association. He and his wife Sheila were active members of the Lions Club and worked events providing free glasses and eyecare to the Island’s residents. He retired in 2012 as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Vermont. Terry Lovelace continues to write and is a frequent speaker at UFO events and his story was filmed for Strange Curiosity, a television documentary by 9 Diamond Production Company. Exhibits for Tonight:
1 Health APP
2 Top Hat Helicopter
3 Aerial View of Incident
4 Implant Image
5 Enlarged View of Device
6 Cigar and Helicopter Enlarged
Exhibits from Last Appearance:
1 Terry Lovelace Before and Current side by side
2 Missile silo Kilo-5. Taken with a Polaroid April 1975, 4 months after "Black Diamond" event.
3. Sketch of Triangle Craft
4. X-Ray of Implant Front View
5. X-Ray of Implant Side View
6 November 2017 wounds suffered following the removal of the "devices".
7 Another view of wounds from removal of the device.
8 A follow-up x-ray shows they left two tiny wires.

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