Thawing Abandoned Army Base Unleashing Top-Secret Weapons

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In 1959, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built a secretive science station deep under the arctic ice sheet of Greenland. The purpose of the base, called Camp Century, was kept under wraps at the time. Luckily for fans of secret military research, we now know its true purpose: building underground launch tunnels for nuclear rockets aimed at the Soviet Union in what became known as “Project Iceworm.” Since Greenland is one of the closest nations to what was then the Soviet Union, the largely frozen country was perfect for a clandestine launch site for U.S. nuclear warheads. The Soviets were presumably more concerned with defending against airborne ICBMs launched from the U.S., so underground rockets launched from Greenland would be a perfect way to penetrate Soviet defenses and end all life on Earth once and for all, the thinking went. Since that doomsday scenario luckily never happened, the missiles remained safely under ice. When glacial shifts began causing extensive damage to the camp, Project Iceworm was abandoned along with Camp Century. The camp was allowed to freeze over and be entombed into the surrounding glacial landscape – including all of the top-secret wastes and weapons stored within.

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