The Adrian Training School Ghost

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I was in this facility 25 years ago called The Adrian Training School in Adrian Mi. I was 14 to 17 years old, last year I found out it closed so I asked for a tour being I have little memories, such as I cant remember eating , using the bathroom ect. I thought it would help me in regaining some memories but it didn't all I got was this ghost u see. my boyfriend and I had went back several times after the tour to see what else we could get. we used an EVP recorder, a camcorder and a digital camera what we caught on that was... orbs such as you see, mists, green mists, black shadows, ghost laughter, a lot of unexplained noises ghosts throwing things at us and telling us to get out. these videos can be seen on youtube under ...... ghosts of Adrian 1-5 and mad ghosts 1-6. we feel many freezing cold spots and the ghosts locked us in once. I have been hypnotized twice over this place both was ineffective as I know they was hypnotizing us, giving us subliminal messages and taking our memories and replacing them with others for 25 years I have been pulled back to this place I cant seem to let it go. every chance I get I go back there I feel something really bad happened there to make so many ghosts attached. I am going to be hypnotized again on November 18th I am hoping this will help as I don't know what else to do and I am wanting closer to this awful place. I also had a group of paranormal investigators go in there with us, I thought you would be interested in this so that's why I am sending this to you and maybe you can point me in the right direction for help. I have tried to get my records of why I was there. I contacted the Michigan state reprasentive Al Pascuka it took him 2 weeks but he contacted me and told me my records have been dispursed and nobody that was in there can get any information or records. when I tried to find information on the internet theres none only when it was run in the 1800 and before it closed.

Thank you Penny

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