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The 'alien megastructure' star just set a new record by going really dark

Once again, a distant star know for its bizarre, unexplained light fluctuations has kicked into action, this time dipping in brightness more dramatically than ever. KIC 8462852, also known as Tabby's Star or 'alien megastructure' star as we like to call it, has dimmed by at least 5 percent - maybe even as much as 10 percent, breaking the record for the deepest dip since the data collected by Kepler in 2011. The dimming started on March 16, dropping down 4 percent, before returning to normal, according to an observation blog run by Tabetha Boyajian, the Louisiana State University astrophysicist who discovered the star. Then the dimming started again on March 26. "Today we have some very big news - data taken at TFN last night show the flux is down 5 percent," Boyajian wrote. "This drop has now been confirmed by AAVSO observer John Hall. Looks like we beat the record set just last week on the deepest dip observed since Kepler!" Read More: Science Alert

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