The most beautiful images of Mars you've ever seen

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Using two high-resolution photographs of the same surface, geologists can produce Digital Terrain Models (DTMs). DTMs are hugely useful to researchers looking to measure and model geological processes on other worlds. These DTMs of Mars are also absolutely gorgeous to look at. Mars is home to some wild geological features, but studying them from millions of miles away is not always easy. DTMs make the task more manageable, but producing them is incredibly time-intensive. Few digital terrain models are as beautifully detailed as the ones we have of Mars, which are colorized according to elevation to provide a sense of dimension. Captured by NASA's powerful HiRISE camera, NASA's DTMs of Mars have proven indispensable in everything from the study of rare impact craters on the planet's North polar cap to choosing a landing site for NASA's Curiosity rover. via The most beautiful images of Mars you've ever seen.

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