The Origin of Spock's Hand Salute and His Spiritual Photography

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It was sad to lose Leonard Nimoy, but it’s wonderful to look back on the man’s productive creative life and feel gratitude for his gifts. An interesting point of focus in many of the remembrances I’ve seen is Nimoy’s work as a photographer. Some of Nimoy’s photographs connect directly to his spiritual life, but so does the character of Spock. Nimoy’s photos aren’t as well known as his acting, but the fact is that whether he was on a television screen, in front of a movie camera or working behind the lens to create his own still images, Nimoy was a mystic who grounded his creativity in the sky. Here’s what art critic and poet Donald Kuspit had to say about Nimoy’s and his art… Nimoy is a gnostic mystic—a radical spiritualist, indeed, a spiritual rebel… I am suggesting that Nimoy’s fascination with the female body involves an element of temptation as well as transcendence. I am suggestion that what is really unusual about his female figures is that they signify profane and sacred love simultaneously… The issue that Nimoy’s photographs subtly address is the transmutation of sexual desire into spiritual aspiration… It is Nimoy’s ability to convey woman’s many-sidedness— Shekhina and Succubus at once— that makes his photographs profound. via disinformation.

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