The Return of Art Bell

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What is it about the Mojave desert that seems to inspire widespread and abiding interest in weird stuff? Did all of those above-ground nuclear tests cause some sort of genetic mutation among the masses, something akin to The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman? Is there an undiscovered psychoactive mushroom that stimulates strange visions or distorted thoughts? Something in the water, maybe? “I don’t know. Something in our air. Something in our water. Whatever it is, we seem to be motivated to explore that which other people don’t,” radio icon Art Bell tells me. And if anyone should know, it’s Bell. Long before most of the world had heard anything about the mysteries of Area 51, before controversial scientist Bob Lazar became a household name, before former CIA pilot John Lear was warning about secret treaties between the U.S. government and space aliens, before space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow established his own scientific think tank to pursue paranormal subjects, Pahrump resident Art Bell was hot on the trail of weird, wacky and wonderful subjects that reside out on the fringes of science and media. Read Entire Article on Las Vegas CityLife.

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