The Secret Science Boards of TED And The Question of Consciousness

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There’s a shadowy group lurking in the squeaky clean corridors of the scientific information conglomerate known as TED. Here in the cockles of this monolithic shaft of Copernican cocksuredness hides a gloaming collection of secret scientists who decide the fate of the information you’re allowed to hear. They have no name, so we shall call them the Anonymous Society of Scientist (A.S.S. for short). We may have never known of A.S.S.’s existence if not for the hell raised over the removal of two popular TEDx Whitechapel speeches by Scientist, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and best-selling author, Graham Hancock. Both Dr. Sheldrake and Graham Hancock’s talks revolved around the idea that consciousness is not necessarily limited to the physical human body, but that it may extend far beyond in ways not yet fully understood. In light of the present paradigm of scientific thought which supposes we are actually “lumbering robots” as Richard Dawkins famously stated, the contrarian claims of Sheldrake and Hancock are not considered suitable for public consumption – so think the veiled harbingers of A.S.S. who were consulted on whether or not to allow Sheldrake and Hancock to besmirch the good name of TED with their ‘pseudoscience’. Graham Hancock was additionally isolated because of his blatant affinity for psychedelics and his bold assertion that adults should be allowed to explore their own consciousness by consuming whatever sacred compounds they wished as sovereign human beings in pursuit of expanded consciousness. His moving story of quitting a 20 year cannabis addiction as a result of his Ayahuasca journey was of little scientific value, despite his citing of historical research that evidently claims that hypnogogic patterns found in 50,000 year old cave paintings lends credence to the idea that psychedelics have been with us as a mystical source for the larger part of what is seen as our conscious history. After over 150,000 combined views between Sheldrake and Hancock on the TED YouTube page, the videos were removed, thus whipping the unscientific rabble of their fans into frenzy. This sparked a rabid debate on the Internet over what should and should not be seen under the TED banner. via disinformation.

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