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The ‘Segway of the sky’ that ANYONE can fly

Commuters could soon be making their way to work on a machine described as the 'Segway of the sky'. Ezfly is the creation of Frenchman Franky Zapata, who first hit the headlines with his Flyboard device that uses a water jetpack to propel users into the air. His latest invention uses jet thrusters to push you through the air, at a top speed of 80 miles per hour (130 km/h). Footage of the gadget in action shows a number of riders taking the controls as they zoom up and away. In the clip, filmed in Texas in October, ten pilots put the Ezfly through its paces over the surface of a lake. It appears from the footage that the contraption requires little training, with each rider seeming to get to grips with the controls with relative ease, although this may be deceptive. A number of participants can be seen wearing camouflage, suggesting they may be army personnel. This would fit with reports that the US military is interested in personal flying machines and may be considering Zapata's devices as one avenue of exploration.

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