"The Universe is Not Expanding" --A Radical Alternative to Big Bang Cosmology

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The most widely accepted theory of the universe is based on the notion that the world started with a big bang, and has been expanding ever since. But, in a radical counter view, the Universe in not expanding according to a Christof Wetterich, a theoretical physicist at the University of Heidelberg in Germany who has devised a different cosmology in which the Universe is not expanding but posits that the mass of everything has been increasing. His theory could help physicists to understand problematic issues such as the so-called singularity present at the Big Bang. In his 2013 paper: A Universe Without Expansion, Wettrich discusses a cosmological model "where the universe shrinks rather than expands during the radiation and matter dominated periods". In his abstract of his paper published on the arXiv preprint server, he writes: "Only dimensionless ratios as the distance between galaxies divided by the atom radius are observable. The cosmological increase of this ratio can also be attributed to shrinking atoms." “The field of cosmology these days is converging on a standard model, centred around inflation and the Big Bang,” says physicist Arjun Berera at the University of Edinburgh, UK. “This is why it’s as important as ever, before we get too comfortable, to see if there are alternative explanations consistent with all known observation.” Cosmologists envisage the Universe as expanding, says Niayesh Afshordi, an astrophysicist at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada, only because it is the most convenient interpretation of galaxies' redshift. Read more via The Daily Galaxy.

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